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Articles: Opie: Animal figures in South Persian rugs; Ford: Flatweaves of Kerman province; Wertime: Weavings of the Lurs and Bakhtiaris: A 15 year retrospective; Collins: Trends in South Persian rugs; Eiland: The ethnography of the Shiraz region; Eiland and Opie: Barriers to honest scholarship. Used, good condition, with good dust jacket. Contents: includes articles on Shahsavan Pile Carpets (Tanavoli Early Indonesian Textiles (Kennedy Textile Conservation at the Abegg Foundation; The Maastricht Fine Art Fair volume 11:4, number. The story behind Grass and reviews of galleries (Peter Pap) and uactions (Europe) Used, very good condition,. Antique anatolian carpets from austrian collections / antike anatolische teppiche AUS Ă–sterreichischem besitz. 1983,., 14 color illus., 23 x.

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New, 6 Zurich sales: November 20, 1981. 50 items, 48 illus., 21 in color. Flatweaves from fjord AND forest. One of the early introductory books; discursive and with an emphasis on history and classic rugs; the original book, by Dilley, was revised by Dimand, curator of Far Eastern Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. An introduction, valuable for the many color plates of rugs in European collections. Kennedy: Kesa: Its Sacred Secular Aspects Knottenbelt: Warping Weaving Mitla Cloth on the Backstrap Loom The Iconography of Everyday Life in 19th Century Middle Eastern Rugs. Contents: Korolnik: Rehamma Carpets; Shalem: Early Islamic Audience-Hall Carpets; Crill: The Ikats of India volume 20:4, number 100. Catalogus VAN DE tentoonstelling VAN oostersche tapijten IN HET rijksmuseum van 13 Juli tot 3 September. The catalogue to exhibitions at the 10th icoc in Washington,.C. Condition of the rugs is good, as is the color.