evaluating websites for a research paper criteria

criteria in this list, you will be much more likely to separate the high quality information from the poor quality information. Available: m, dodge,. Use this checklist to determine if an article is credible or not: Is the source in-depth (more than a page or two with an abstract, a reference list, and documented research or data? Evidence of Quality Control Most scholarly journal articles pass through a peer review process, whereby several readers must examine and approve content before it is published. Company website (.com) - Company web sites generally end.com. What evidence is used to prove the author's point? A famous actor or athlete presenting arguments about, say, the ozone layer, should be considered an ordinary layman unless evidence is presented that the person has attained expetise in the area. For each of these various kinds and purposes, information exists on many levels of quality and reliability.

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evaluating websites for a research paper criteria

Patterns summer symposium (2000). Use this checklist to find credible and useful OER's: Does the resource have a CC (Creative Commons) license where the resource can be reused or shared? As I hope my analogy makes clear, there is an extremely wide variety of material on the Internet, ranging in its accuracy, reliability, and value. Only SuperDuperVite has been formulated to blah blah blah." Claims of unique, secret information (which is now on the Web site) or claims of such dramatic implications that you should expect widespread discussion. Introduction: The Diversity of Information, information is a Commodity Available in Many Flavors. Is the content non-biased? Statements issued in the name of an organization have almost always been seen and approved by my first time at disney world essay several people.

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