essay's on contraversial television advertising

very impressionable. Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. With these numbers growing year after year, it is no wonder that children today do not seem like children for long. These kinds of entertainments create curiosity and puzzlements to their young minds that push them to try those acts by themselves. Condom companies have long run risqu" commercials. While technological and educational advancement is essential, many feel that there is sometimes too much of a good thing.

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One of the most highly publicized of these companies is The Truth (2008) and their philosophy is not an anti-smoker or pro-smoker. What some parents work so hard to shield their children from; seem to be thrown in our faces by ruthless television advertisers during every commercial. Although any help is better than no help, the FCC only monitors sexual content and swear words. It truly does not have anything thing to do with smoking. We are seeing things from videos for babies to teach them classical music, to computer software for preschoolers to teach them Spanish. While technology seems to be working against us in some cases, there is also new technology geared towards helping familys filter material that is unwanted in their homes. But the irony of this issue is that, parents tend to forget their responsibilities as parents in supervising their kids, due to their hectic schedules and demands of their work, especially in watching television where children are expose to different kinds of indecent advertisements and. Reference: Television University of Michigan Health System.