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concentrate better when they are healthy. Within that sample, compiled from the annual Canadian Community Health Survey, more than 22,000 youths had been banned from buying junk food at school for at least one year. Not only does it account for almost ten percent of the medical budget, obesity is rampant in children these days. Unfortunately, children today prefer junk foods like candy bars. Nevertheless, the direct cause of health disorders remains questioned by concerned public. Food preferences are established early in life, said Jennifer Van Hook, the lead author and a professor of sociology and demography at Penn State. The food provided in the school canteen has become a growing concern for a very long time. The hormones given to the animals today are horrible, and then we go eat these animals. He flung it up and down and all around him, his smile staying the whole time. tags: junk food, Malaysians in the US Better Essays 1778 words (5.1 pages) Preview -.

The researchers found that junk food availability does not significantly. This study was conducted to assess the junk food consumption and p atterns. Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Nepal Paediatric Society 37(2 147. It is recommended that the school and community conduct and.

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The issue is a growing as it affects the health of many young people. tags: cardiovascular disease, food restaurants Powerful Essays 1455 words (4.2 pages) Preview - Throughout the ages, fast food has played a major role in our society in both positive and negative ways. tags: unhealthy food and habits, obesity. Several experts claim that moderate consumption of junk food can actually contribute to healthy eating diets. The Healthy Food for Healthy School Act was placed on September 1st, 2008.

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