frankenstein and cloning essay

into how Frankenstein and cloning compare. Are imitations as good as the originals? Other ethical issues within the medical field include abortion. Victor Frankensteins monster compared to cloning takes place without the act of a sexual union between a male and female. Yet, within the instance of success Victor outright rejected his creation as monstrous, a unit for being unworthy of human life. As he becomes more knowledgeable, he learns how to control life. Prometheus stole fire from the gods.

This will allow them to work within the law and set rules, to be followed universally. Cloning also creates something that was not given to humanity.

There has been observed disagreement between the person whose life may be coming to an end and another one who requires the organ, so desperately to live. Gene cloning involves the production of identical genes or parts of a DNA material (Milgram and Rantala 201). It can also have negative implications on the reputation of the physician. But what if the scientist, or Frankenstein, clone or create their own creation or imitation? First, stem cell research is an amazing advancement in life today but it can be used for good and bad. Scientists just use their knowledge of what already is to recreate and imitate.

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