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better life in California. I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an' he gets sick." This illustrates that Crooks pities his own circumstances and vulnerability. Please offer a grade at which this is at and a mark if possible. His segregation from the rest of the ranch is shown as Candy tells us that he has been at the ranch a long time but its the first time I ever been in his room. The author John Steinbeck is an artistic Writer. His greatest achievement of being an author was the compelling story Of Mice And Men. George takes care of Lennie and they have a companionship. Even though Crooks is not made relevant throughout the book he holds a special significance in the book.

During the 1930s there was a huge upsurge of racism against black people, they were treated as second class citizens and were marginalised. Furthermore, the other characters consistently refer to Crook as a "nigger" which shows how racism is taken for granted. Historically, this was a dream of many people in California during the Great Depression, most of whom never saw it come to pass. Deep within him he wants the warmth of togetherness in his life, relising lennie has this creates a burning streak of jealousy inside him. The above preview is unformatted text.

How does the character Crooks represent society in the 1930s? He also want companionship as he is extremely lonely and desires company guys don't come into a coloured mans room very much. I think Steinbeck feels compassion for Crook's being the only black character on the ranch. He is a victim of an individual type of loneliness. He shows how black people were excluded from society, treated differently and had no rights. Although he still asks if their is room on the farm that George and Lennie are planning to get for him. Crook's is envious of Lennie's relationship with George. Original post by awaja hi everyone, I would be very grateful if some people could look through this whole text essay for Unit 1 (of mice and men) wjec.

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