the idea of america essay

speak of freedom is to open a discussion on some of the core aspects of AmfootnoteRef:1erican culture overall. Freedom is not a new idea and neither is the debate over what it means as well as who gets. The American Dream is only alive to the ones who feel they have reached success. Love and unity are what create the. The most important right an American citizen has is freedom, a freedom that a citizen from no other country on the globe has. Is the American Dream even alive anymore?

Essay about The American Dream.often credited for popularizing the phrase American Dream in 1931 thanks to his book Epic of America. The European settlers that sailed to what would later become the United States of America, came for key reasons, one of which was freedom of religion. Among other things, America is the leader in economy, technology, and defense in the world. Why ask America and not any country? Main Streets meaning could change quickly. We have the real thing though and the only thing we must do is protect and preserve. For decades, Main Street stood for the local; today its an importable model of planning and development that can be set up almost anywhere.

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