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Botticellis art consisted of religious subjects like the Madonna and the saints. Their masterpieces are the pulpits of the Baptistery and Cathedral of Pisa. Theorized about how a perfect ruler would govern. It was during the years of his exile that Dante wrote his immortal poem, the Commedia as named by himself, because of its happy ending; the Divina Commedia, or the " Divine Comedy as called by his admirers. Living life in both eras was a huge difference. The 14th century just rocketed off from the centuries before, spiraling into a new universe with great educations, technologies, medicines, and lifestyles. The period opened many avenues and new experiences.

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Craig Harbisons The Mirror of the sigmund freud and psychoanalysis essay Artist, presents a rich overview of the history of Renaissance and how it affected the lives of the people and Europe as a whole. However, things weren't as sunny as they appeared. Social changes also occurred as children and women were introduced to the work force. The second stage of the Renaissance. Over view of Renaissance Investigations about Renaissance Englands place in the world Beginning of English Renaissance English literary history Renaissance artists and authors Religious Prose, Instructive Prose, Bible Translation, Drama. This stage was the peak of the Renaissance. Urged rulers to use whatever means necessary to achieve their goals.

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