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be so frank and direct about the feelings and attitudes that reflect some parts of society's thoughts. In the last stanza of the poem the donkey shouts, "Fools!" (Line 13). The master who was sound asleep got wild with the donkey and came running out with a stick 250 word self essay length and gave hard beatings to the donkey. Chesterton's The Donkey.". All the word choices combine emphasizes how Chesterton wanted the reader to fully understand that the donkey was an unpleasant creature. Even some people will think they are confused because they feel the biracial person will not know who they really are and are torn between the two or three different races.

They collide amidships in the midnight fog and breeze, but they continue their journeys. He wanted to save his master from thieves. The dog was sleeping under the shady veranda. People of multiple races will, also, shout out (not literally) to those who expected them to amount to nothing. The Dog and The Donkey to home page. On the Western Front, the battle was fought on land. The donkey goes on to say that he is, "The devil's walking parody" (Line 7).

He feels he is, "The tattered outlaw of the earth" (Line 9 which furthermore expresses the hatred he feels from the world. Seeing himself as a creature of the devil instead of a wonderful animal created by God, is showing how distorted his self image. When the lion returned he found the donkey's brain missing. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. In order to make things easier to understand most people refer to only two political parties; the republicans, and the democrats. "The Donkey." An Introduction to Poetry. Summary: Describes the unique and amazing donkey. Its a jungle out there, were the animals, and its wild. Though in the last stanza, the donkey has his laugh, "Fools! But, I am too sick to hunt. I will return in no time". tags: the political zoo.

As soon as the lion left, the jackal started eating the brain of the donkey. Blake makes a point to try and reveal this industrial savagery through his work.

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