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education tool. It is a good tool for education. Negative Effects of social Media. "Internet A Blessing Or Curse Media Essay.". Double check the facts and stats in your information such as important figures, dates, and persons; names. It can make or break images. Technological advancements made things easier for people to express themselves through social media platforms but a coin has two sides, still there are many people who focus on the negative effects of social media and forget about the good. Due to the rise in social media, we have become a population that is afraid to be left out we need to know things that really has no value, and, to a certain extent, we are at risk of filling our lives and brains with. Nowadays most of the houses are having internet connection to communicate with friends or relatives who lives abroad and far off.

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Social media boon or curse."
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Mass media a curse?
However, media suffers from some pitfalls; growing consumerism and.
Media is a boon if it is socially responsible, unbiased, non-political, informative and educative to the masses.

There are many other negative effects like cyber bullying, body image issues etc. We agree that there are positive impacts of social network but like everything else it also has cons. So it has also an admirable role in employment of the countries. They get news, views, and constructive information related to the subject of their choice. There is not only the written stuff avaible but there are also video lectures avaible as well. In effort to clear phone lines, police asked people to use social media for communication. Total: 81 Average:.1. We now have more virtual friends than real ones and we are losing human to human connection day by day.

social media boon or curse essay writing

Social media did make the world a smaller place,now we have more information, more knowledge and have better opportunities to use.
Social media improved out ability to absorb information we have an extreme ease in processing and we are evolving quickly.
The role of social media in criminal justice is growing.
Americans are fascinated with crime and justice.