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barbecue pit at the park. He feels as though he might 'wither up and die' if he doesn't get something to drink. Wow, and here Shmoop thought it was "always bring an extra pair of underwear." You learn something new every day. He notices his hatchet lying by the rock wall, and as the sun catches and glints against the hatchet, Brian remembers the sparks the hatchet made when it hit the rock the night before.

He keeps going, holding the plane at its altitude and making periodic calls on the radio. What do they mean? The court had determined that Brian would spend the summers with his father, and the school year with his mother in New York. He looks at his items and again thinks of how hungry. He reasons through the story and pieces together the facts as simply as he can. Without the pilot, and without either of his parents, Brian will have to grow up very quickly.

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