is shylock the villain or the victim essay

of the play. This is shown when Shylock says Jailer look to him. Is it true, is it true?". Shakespeare, merchant of Venice Essay I have been studying the play The Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare. Shylock is saying that the pond of flesh hobbies college essay is effectively worthless To bait fish withal and is only what Shylock believes he deserves after constant verbal and physical abuse at which he received from Antonio. Whereas an audience of today would find it uncomfortable to watch a Jew in distress. Shakespeare doesn't give Shylock any lines to tell us how he feels.

is shylock the villain or the victim essay

This essay will look at whether shylock is a villain or a victim. A reason to argu e that shylock is a villain is when he hears news of one of Antonio s ships crash. Firstly, Shylock is the victim of society s persecution on sev eral counts. Finally, Shylock is not a villain in the way as he does show care.

  tags: A Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare. I would not have given it for a wilderness of monkeys (Act3, Scene1) In this scene Shylock is hurt and shocked that his daughter would sell her mothers ring. (Act3, Scene1) Shylock says this to show how hurt he is to find his daughter has run away. He would prefer his pound of flesh from Antonio instead, since now he sees Antonio as the source of all his miseries and confirms his desire to make Antonio pay for this. However, at certain stages throughout the play, the audience witness equally horrific behavior towards Antonio, especially when Shylock tries to take Antonios life. Three thousand ducats well. The candidate fails to mention any appropriate technical terms, for this level of qualification it is necessary to discuss Shakespeare's use of linguistic technique, in particularly the use of metaphors, similes and alliteration etc and how this adds to the play. This shows that Shylock has set his thoughts on killing Antonio by getting the pound of flesh, and has no plans on changing them.

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Shylock is one of Shakespeares most complex characters due to the dual-nature of his personality. While Christians looked upon themselves as pure and innocent, so by Salarino comparing Jessica to ivory he is saying that she is more of a Christian than a Jew. (Act3, Scene1) When Shylock is speaking here his dark side is revealed. "I thank God, I thank God. This makes the audience even more disgusted by Shylocks actions. Shylock can be taking risks essay thesis seen manipulating Antonio into the bond by putting forward the idea of the pound of flesh as the forfeit across in a joking manner. The words as I bid show that Shylock is superior in the household. The loss of Shylocks wealth may be represented by am and finally content may possible show how much the loss of the Jewish faith has destroyed Shylock inside and all of his passion has been squashed and is a mere shadow of his former self. By Salarino saying that Shylock and Jessica have as much in common as jet and ivory he is basically saying they are total opposites and have nothing in common at all.